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RegExr is awesome

Yes, there are a ton of regex tools out there, but RegExr easily stands out. It’s realtime checker is really slick and the app is loaded with helpful docs and references. Thank you RegExr!! Advertisements

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Testing software is hard?

Yeah, it’s hard. As much handwaving as there is in this article about code coverage (by a developer who works for a code coverage company, so get your grains of salt ready) about how simple Tetris is–it can be implemented in a … Continue reading

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Wow, really great RegEx support coming with ReSharper 9

I’m a diehard ReSharper fan. I’ve had my own license for many years, and as far as VS has come over that time with refactorings and ease of navigation I still prefer to have the power of R# at my … Continue reading

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Datasource is $format, so let’s make a giant $format parser instead of a business app!

TL;DR: It takes a LOT less time to analyze requirements and find domain boundaries for data access that will guide the creation of simple, business-oriented abstractions that are maintainable and testable than it does to fix a leaky, broken API … Continue reading

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Bad programmer! Bad!

If you find yourself regularly making comments in your code like this: Please stop. If you think this is helpful and you’re planning to continue writing them in the future, at least strongly consider doing harm to yourself. Sincerely, -Every programmer … Continue reading

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Don’t put static members on generic classes…unless you mean to!

This bears repeating even if you’ve heard it before, but static members don’t *appear* to behave like regular static members when they’re located on a generic class. This is usually a result of the developer’s lack of understanding of how … Continue reading

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You gotta love Mono

I’m working on a project with a cross platform aspect, so I ran my unit tests through mono for the first time today. Four tests failed, all at the same spot where my code calls Task<T>.Exception.GetBaseException(). When this code runs … Continue reading

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