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Offered without comment


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Testing software is hard?

Yeah, it’s hard. As much handwaving as there is in this article about code coverage (by a developer who works for a code coverage company, so get your grains of salt ready) about how simple Tetris is–it can be implemented in a … Continue reading

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Wow, really great RegEx support coming with ReSharper 9

I’m a diehard ReSharper fan. I’ve had my own license for many years, and as far as VS has come over that time with refactorings and ease of navigation I still prefer to have the power of R# at my … Continue reading

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Corporate Social Networks Swallow Your Creativity

I’ve actually been writing an enormous volume of technical information this year, but mostly at work on a crappy enterprise social network that’s not even seen by that many people. They finally upgraded it to a barely tolerable level today (you … Continue reading

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