I got a warm fuzzy from a couple of contractors on their way out the door this week: they said I’ve made them into better programmers. Well, one of them cursed me for ruining his blissful ignorance of bad structure–he says he can’t look at untestable code anymore without cringing for all the ways it needs to be cleaned up. I’m taking it as a complement ūüôā

Thinking back on my last year and a half at GMI, I feel like I put in a lot of hard work trying to get everyone to pull in the same direction on unit¬†testing and writing testable code. My department is¬†finally acknowledging testability problems as tech debt and making stories to fix it, doing real refactoring to make everything more SOLID, and we’re even testing our JavaScript. I’m really proud of the quality level of the code we’re turning out right now and I couldn’t be happier that everyone has been so willing to try so many different things at once to make the code better.

After “experimenting” with Jenkins for over a year with our shared components and platform services, today I got a real dev and prod environment to run it on that’s fully supported by the business. I’m so excited that we’re treating continuous integration like a valuable service instead of an experiment or a gap that we just agree not to talk about. We’ve really upped our game around here and it’s been awesome to be a big part of it!

My mission for the next fiscal year is to focus on SOLID principles with the Factory teams, and to take our experience with and knowledge¬†of testing, CI, and code review to as many other teams as can stand it. I’ve already given a bunch of presentations on testing and CI to¬†the whole developer pool here, but that’s actually a pretty easy sell. Now it’s time to do the harder part and sell the business users¬†on the value of these¬†practices for a much broader range of projects than just the big systems I’m working on right now. I’ve got some really great people on my side though, so I’m really excited about the possibilities!

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